: Olympic Athletes Have Fun With Dating App

But a story that Grindr-baited athletes might have established a new low. Advertisement The story published on the Daily Beast website Thursday detailed a self-identified straight dad’s foray into the sexual world of gay hook-up app Grindr, in the process outing a number of the athletes that reporter Nico Hines encountered. Hines, it turned out, wasn’t on the app for sex; he was there for a story about the sex. It’s no secret that sex happens at the Games. The exercise was met with swift incredulity and outrage across the Internet. The Daily Beast removed personal details about athletes a few hours after publication. All signs of Hines’ story have since been removed from the Daily Beast site.


Apps like Tinder and Grindr are geo-social networking applications supposedly geared towards finding a lover or relationship. But many users reveal they have the apps – and traditional social networking sites like Facebook – just to find instant sex partners. Almost a third 31 per cent of year-old’s who responded to the questionnaire admitted having a sexual encounter with someone they met through an app or social networking site.

Love is in the air at the Sochi Winter Olympics this Valentine’s Day. Us magazine reports that romance abounds at the Olympic Village as many of the competing athletes hook up using the dating app.

As my mom pursued Google a completely perplexed expression came across her face, and she read allowed, “tinder noun , a dry substance that readily takes fire from a spark? Studying abroad in Spain, I’ve been a bit out of the loop from reality. So I was shocked when one of my beautiful, intelligent, and reasonably independent friends told me with genuine enthusiasm that she finally went on her first Tinder date. Though her review was less than favorable. To expect anything more. An application using only your Facebook photos to rate, text, and date whatever gender preference you enter?

In five pictures you press the heart symbol or give them the X. It’s completely based on the physical, with little profundity. If he was interested in something more “significant,” more “substantial,” wouldn’t he look for it in the real world? Later that same day another friend, male, recently graduated from college, mentioned he was going to meet up with a girl from Tinder as well.

He raved about how informed she kept and how interesting her mind was.

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At least this way he has a fighting chance. I wanted to find out: Basically what percentage of women I would date, would want to date me. I know, thank you for being the 27th person to mention that to me. So, what did we learn? Her Height vs His Height You can see that as the woman gets taller the height difference in their preference decreases.

PyeongChang’s Olympic village is hook-up central for alpine skiers who are hitting the dating app, Bumble, as hard as they hit the slopes. Bumble says most competitors — from all countries.

If you have not yet read the details—The Daily Beast has since scrubbed the piece and inserted an apology in its place—Hines got access to the Olympic Village, then went on Grindr, the gay dating app, and lured male athletes in search of companionship into either contacting him or meeting him. Hines, whose physical features fall far short of a bronze medal, boasted that he was able to land three dates.

He never expressly named anyone, but provided heights, weights and home countries of these men. None of these facts appeared to deter Hines, who is heterosexual; he is married and has a child. First of all, that heterosexual or homosexual Olympic athletes—who on their worst bad hair day are exponentially more attractive than most humans will ever be—are sexually active has never been breaking news. Second, Hines pursued his story in an aggressively unethical manner.

By going on Grindr, he was posing as a man who wanted to hook up for gay sex.

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Regardless of political affiliation the news should only report facts. I see unfair coverage especially in the political field. You report way to many news stories that help and yes even start yet another racial situation. You should have a responsibility to help our great country come together and unite as a proud nation but instead you are a major contributor in continuing the division.

I understand you lean a certain way politically and I respect your beliefs however the news should report all news on all sides fairly, not just good on one side and the bad on the other.

With the Winter Olympics in full swing in PyeongChang, South Korea, dating app usage is in full swing, too. During the last several Olympic Games, a ton of people have used dating apps in.

For his disturbing story , Hines—who is straight—set up a profile on the gay hookup app Grindr and used it to trick Olympic athletes into chatting with him. He did not tell them he was a journalist on assignment unless they asked and described several athletes with enough detail that any reader could easily identify them. The Beast initially retracted these identifying details, then took down the entire story with an apology.

But Hines went radio silent for seven months, a public silence he broke for the first time on Monday. The article intruded into the lives of people who had a right to be left alone. That fear is all the more acute in some of the countries whose athletes were gathered together inside the Olympic village. For anyone who was left in fear for their safety back home, I am truly sorry. Advertisement His apology will not mean much to closeted athletes whose lives were endangered or to the openly gay athletes who were essentially entrapped then subject to ridicule for no good reason.

But the more interesting question, I think, is whether the internet will forgive Hines. In the seven months since Hines disappeared, his name has become something of a punchline, especially on gay Twitter. His total withdrawal from the public eye, without so much as a word of regret or explanation, attracted a great deal of ironic speculation.

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Find out what’s happening in the world as it unfolds. Digital dating options Desktop-based online dating is so Although sites such as Match. Here’s a look at some digital tools for today’s lonely hearts. Hide Caption 1 of 8 Photos: Digital dating options Siren — Siren is an app created for women by women that puts the ladies in the driver’s seat.

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Mail As the Winter Games are set to draw to a close, it seems that sport isn’t the only thing on athletes’ minds with some looking to hook up with fellow Olympians. Swiping right on Tinder means the user is interested in the person whose profile they are looking at. A Tinder spokeswoman said: They can also revoke swipes, and have access to Tinder Passport, which allows them to connect with users located anywhere in the world. Tinder first caught on among Olympic athletes during the Games in Sochi and, since then, it has become an important tool for those seeking to enjoy a different type of “performance” between winning medals.

Everyone’s meeting people and trying to hook up with someone”. According to Slate, there were 8, condoms given to athletes at the Seoul Olympics, 90, in Barcelona and 15, for Atlanta in Organisers at the Sydney Games ordered 70, but had to get a further 20, when they ran out. Durex donated , condoms for the Games in Athens, Beijing in had , and the London Olympics in had around , In in Rio, a Brazilian newspaper reported that a record-breaking , condoms were given to athletes, about 40 per person.

In Pyeongchang, it is reportedly about 38 per person. As the athletes come to the end of the day competition, the pressure is off and the closing parties are beginning, along with the associated hook-ups.

Tinder hookup app in Olympic Village is ‘next level’

If you have 50 cents in your pocket in Brazil you can laid. Knowing this the Olympic Committee provided roughly 45 condoms per athlete. The number of Olympic condoms is said to exceed , In a mix up or just wishful thinking the Swedish female soccer team was given , condoms. This is what liberalism does to the world.

The Olympic Village is where all the Olympians stay during the Games. That means thousands of in-shape men and women are all living really close together during what is probably the most important.

The outrage was instantaneous. Gay rights activists blasted Hines for writing what they called a sleazy piece and the Daily Beast for publishing it. The Daily Beast made their public relations nightmare worse by first trying to edit the piece to remove the identifiers of the Olympians targeted and then ultimately taking the piece down.

The indictment was clear — Hines put this Olympian at risk. Is this one reporter the source of the threat? Will firing Hines make this all better? The only thing The Daily Beast did wrong was expose the myth of social media privacy. People — gay and straight alike — jump on the World Wide Web with the false security that their social exploits are all done behind closed doors.

If a gay Olympian hails from an anti-gay nation and is on one of these apps, he or she has put their lives at risk. It is just common sense. These folks are Olympians and in the public eye of their anti-gay nations. If some straight reporter with nothing better to do can out them in hours, do they really believe that they are safe from their own governments?

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No Olympics or world outdoor championships. In their absence, new blood rejuvenated the sport in the middle of the Olympic cycle. The m and m hurdles will offer some of the most anticipated head-to-heads in , with at least one world-record watch. Overall thoughts on the year, the first post-Bolt and without a major championship?

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Let the dating games begin: Olympic athletes using Tinder app to hook up

Yet, just weeks before the Olympics were to begin, Barber almost saw his dreams vanish when he tested positive for cocaine. Athletics Canada, the governing body for Canadian track and field, confirmed the test results, according to TheStar. The court determined Barber, 22, ingested the cocaine from kissing a woman whom he had met on Craiglist and invited to his room. The woman testified that she consumed cocaine just before meeting Barber and, without telling him, took some more in the bathroom of his hotel room during a break in the action.

The Canadian Centre of Ethics in Sport, which oversees anti-doping programs throughout the country, proposed a four-year ban for Barber for testing positive for a banned substance, based on the World Anti-Doping Code.

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Dinicola did not hold back when addressing the controversial topic of rape. Even people who choose to abstain from sexual activity are not always safe. In the first question asked to the audience, Dinicola pointed out the difference between the words that are used to describe a woman who has multiple sexual partners versus a man who has multiple sexual partners. Not only was the list of words to describe a woman almost twice the size as the one for the men, but it also contained more aggressive and negative words.

Dinicola was also quick to point out what all the words on the whiteboard had in common: The point of starting the audience with this exercise was to showcase that language runs rampant. As a society, if we control the language and the power we give derogatory connotations regarding human sexual behavior we can change the discussion of not only the sexual predators but also their victims. But what does consent look like? Consent is verbal, active, and ongoing.

Alpine Skiers Are Getting the Most Action in Pyeongchang, Says Dating App

Russian users of Hunters, a hook-up app that’s similar to Grindr, were also sent threats that a controversial new Russian law banning so-called “gay propaganda” signed by Russian President Vladimir Putin last July would be used to arrest them, according to the chief exec of the developer, Dmitry T. The exec said the following threatening message in English was broadcast on Saturday to all Hunters’ users in Russia: Things reportedly escalated on Sunday after Hunters was blocked in and around Sochi, with local users who attempted to log in being informed that their profile would be blocked for a month.

Around 72, user profiles were deleted throughout Russia, the dev claims.

THE NUMBER of randy athletes using dating app Tinder to hook up at the Winter Olympics has skyrocketed, figures show. The Pyeongchang Games, in South Korea, began last week bringing sportsmen and women from around the globe into close proximity. And as a result, randy medal seekers have been swiping.

Indiana teen Zach Anderson met a girl on the Internet and had sex with her She told him she was 17, but she was really just 14 Zach was placed on a sex offender registry for the next 25 years and can’t live at home with his year-old brother Elkhart, Indiana CNN Zach Anderson is 19 and a typical teenager. He’s into computers and wants to build a career around his love for electronics.

But those plans and any semblance of a normal life are for now out the window. Under court order, he can’t access the Internet, go to a mall or linger near a school or playground. His parents say because he has a year-old brother, he can’t even live at home any longer. He’s been placed on the sex offender registry after a dating app hookup. It began, Zach and his family say, when he went on a racy dating app called “Hot Or Not. Read More The girl told Zach she was 17, but she lied.

She was only 14, and by having sex with her, Zach was committing a crime. He was arrested and convicted. He was given a day jail sentence, five years probation and placed on both Indiana and Michigan’s sex offender registry for the next 25 years. A colossal mistake, say his parents.

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